“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh


We have a deep understanding of the complex needs of affluent families, which often include multi-generational considerations and philanthropic commitments.  Similar to a family office, we guide families in growing, protecting and passing on family wealth.  Our approach is holistic, customized, and highly collaborative.  We offer a full suite of financial, estate, charitable, business succession and tax planning services, together with consolidated reporting, investment program governance, risk management and administrative support.

We seek to balance the clinical aspects of wealth management, such as tax minimization strategies and disposition of concentrated securities holdings, with the “human element,” which includes factors such as one’s unique personal aspirations and willingness to bear risk.  We serve our clients with empathy, skill and professionalism, and our employee ownership structure creates stability within our team and a strong alignment of incentives between the firm and our clients.


We design and manage investment strategies tailored to our clients’ unique and specific risk, return, and liquidity needs.  Our objective is to build enduring partnerships by helping our clients meet or exceed their investment goals while delivering timely thought leadership and proactive client service.

Our investment philosophy and methodology are grounded in financial science and empirical results.  Recognizing the faulty reasoning that investors typically employ when they act on instinct or emotion, we implement a disciplined, systematic approach to investing that reduces risk from behavioral errors.  We manage broadly-diversified investment portfolios that are designed to reflect well-documented dimensions of higher expected returns.  Where feasible, we control portfolio expenses and turnover and minimize taxes, all of which negatively impacts returns.     


Our commitment to client focus, applied expertise, advisor accessibility, communication and education, and responsiveness defines the Cedar Rowe client experience.  Creative uses of technology enable us to communicate important information to our clients and their tax advisors on a timely, understandable and efficient basis.  In our way of thinking, nothing does more to instill client trust, confidence and comfort than client service, continuously and consistently delivered.

One example of this is our comprehensive portfolio reporting.  For larger clients using multiple investment accounts, perhaps with multiple portfolio managers, we have developed a reporting system that tracks and reports on all such accounts in a common format.  These clients can examine their current portfolio values, asset allocations, tax implications and other portfolio dimensions in the aggregate, or by advisor/custodian.  Importantly, comprehensive reporting enables us to ensure that the various components of a client’s total portfolio integrate to form a cohesive whole, and that risk parameters are honored at the aggregate level.  Finally, comprehensive reporting leads to better decision-making, featuring one source to access for tax planning and charitable giving across all advisors and custodians. Portfolio reporting data is available to our clients online 24/7 and is formatted for tablets and smartphones.